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Workshop Tantric Massage

The Nuru Spa Lisbon offers you the possibility to learn the main techniques we use in our massages. We offer an individual and couples tantric massage workshop, where we teach the entire ritual of tantric therapy, starting with the sensitive massage until the genital maneuvers (Yoni and Lingam). We have also created a workshop focused only on this last part, where you will have the main tools to correctly touch your partner's sexual organ. Allow yourself to live a sex life without taboos and in full harmony.

workshop massagem tantrica lisboa

Individual Tantric Massage

In this workshop we teach sensitive massage maneuvers, in addition to yoni massage, for those who want to learn the techniques performed on the female genital organ and lingam massage, for those who want to learn the maneuvers in the male genital.

Tantric Massage for Couples

In the first part, the couple will receive some theoretical instructions regarding the technique. Afterwards, we will start the practical part with the application of the massage, under the guidance of one of our therapists. This is a free course aimed at couples so we do not provide a certificate.

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